I am making art in search of answers. I am determined to figure out the ghost percentage of each person, and how that percentage is measured. I am searching for connections between disembodied teeth, twins, bats and egg shells. I am interested in how I can participate in charms, covens and myths.

I am seeking instructions on giving birth, on reconciling with forgotten shopping malls, on combinations of words that reveal hidden places, on being part ghost, on the landscaping of mouth roofs.

           I am making art to create spaces and landscapes. I want to build cities that will bring to life a place where people aren’t afraid of farts or menstrual blood or unmatched clothing. Maybe a lake where vampires are invited to swim and happiness isn’t a mandate. I want to build a city where my Mom can burp and my Dad can cry and being old is valuable and being young is valuable.  I feel a confused yearning to build a shopping complex full of viscous, blue, chlorinated water. 



2017               Second Hand, Marmalade, SLC, UT. 
2016               Please Wait Here, Finch Lane, SLC, UT. 
2016               50 Year Address Check, Performance Arts Festival, SLC, UT.
2015               Ghost Interview, 12 Minutes Max, SLC, UT. 
2015               The Big SkyGallery 303, Brigham Young University, UT.
2014               Just Vacated, Harris Fine Arts Center, Brigham Young University, UT.
2013               Rootless, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, UT.
2013               Ghost Patrol, Gallery 468, Provo, UT.



2018               Hold on to it. Gallery 260. Provo, UT. 
2017               Statewide Competition. Bountiful Davis Art Center. Bountiful, UT. 
2017               Statewide Annual. Utah Division of Arts & Museums. Rio Gallery, SLC, UT. 
2016               Presidents' Art Show. SLCC. SLC, UT. 
2014               The Big Draw. Catalyst Gallery. Beacon, NY. 
2014               Proximity. Gallery 268. Provo. 
2014               Running Parallel. Gallery 303. Brigham Young University, UT. 
2014               Movement & Meaning. Curator: Melanie Allred. Brigham Young University, UT. 
2013               Open Market. Studio Untold. Provo, UT. 
2013               That Land and Sea be Unfathomable. Gallery 303. Brigham Young University, UT.
2012               Control Group. Gallery 303. Brigham Young University, UT
2011               A Well-Governed Countryside. HFAC. Brigham Young University, UT.


2018               Juror's Award. Hold on to it. Gallery 260, Provo, Ut. 

2017              Juror's Award. Statewide Annual Competition. Utah Division of Arts &                              Museums. 
                      Honorable Mention. Statewide Competition. Bountiful Davis Art Center.

2015              Reverb Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.
                      Honorable Mention. Mayhew Show, UT.

2014             Mary L Wheatley Painting Scholarship. Brigham Young University, UT. 
                     Oscarson Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.
                     Visual Arts Internship Fund. Brigham Young University, UT.

2013              Talent Award. Visual Arts Department. Brigham Young University,UT.
                      Betty & Paul Boshard Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.
                      Reverb Grant. Brigham Young University, UT.

2012               Cory Nathan Belleau Award. Brigham Young University, UT.